제목 [3/28] [colloquium] Quantum Information
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날짜 : 3월 28일
시간 : 오후 4시 30분
장소 : R404
연사 : 김재완 교수님(고등과학원 계산과학부)
제목 : Quantum Information
Quantum physics established in the first third of the 20th century revolutionized the ways we communicate, compute, and process information. But the use of quantum physics for the information technology has been limited to the principles of hardware such as semiconductor devices and lasers. As the nanotechnology approaches the size of atom, uncertainty principle of quantum physics dominates the microscopic world and 0's and 1's or bits of digital information cannot be distinguished easily. While the nanotechnology tries to avoid this uncertainty, quantum information science/technology takes advantage of quantum principles for not only hardware but also software and operating system. Quantum computers will take care of problems which cannot be solved by any digital computers. Quantum cryptography will provide absolute security to communication. Quantum entanglement will give us a bunch of novel technologies such quantum teleportation, quantum imaging, etc.

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