제목 [2018.5.8][colloquium] For whom the Belle tolls
작성자 물리학과홈피 등록일 2018-04-29 오후 11:27:48 조회수 122
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날짜 : 5월 8일 화요일
시간 : 오후 4시 30분
장소 : R404
연사 : 권영준 교수님 ( 연세대 물리학과 )
제목 : For whom the Belle tolls
내용 : The Belle experiment (at KEK) is one of the two e+ e- B-factories, along with BaBar (at SLAC), and has produced numerous new results on CP violations in the quark sector as well as new precise measurements in the heave-flavor systems including beauty, charm, and tau. Moreover, Belle and BaBar have found several 'hints' that may indicate new physics beyond the Standard Model, which have yet to be fully confirmed, thus needing more definitive experimental signals. Belle has also found many exotic hadronic states that cannot be explained easily within the existing picture of mesons and baryons.
In this talk, we briefly review those 'hints' and other exotic phenomena observed by Belle and discuss the prespects with the new upgraded experiment, Belle II, which will star taking data in 2018. The comparison to LHCb and their complementarity will also be discussed.

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