제목 [11/17] [colloquium] Layered semiconductors for thermoelectric applications
작성자 물리학과홈피 등록일 2015-11-11 오후 5:00:15 조회수 185
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날 짜 : 2015년 11월 17일 화요일
시 간 : PM 4:30
장 소 : R404
연 사 : 조성래 교수님 (울산대)
제목:  Layered semiconductors for thermoelectric   

  The performance of thermoelectric material in applications is estimated by the relation of Seebeck coefficient (S), electrical conductivity (σ) and thermal conductivity (k) at a temperature (T), which was called thermoelectric figure of merit, ZT=S2σT/κ. The achievement of ZT above 1 is a historic mission assigned to thermoelectric community. Attempts to increase ZT for last decades are being focused on as follows. First, Seebeck coefficient can be increased through appropriate carrier doping or energy filtering of charge carriers. Second, lowering the effective mass of the carriers and modulation doping in quantum well enhance the mobility (μ) of charge carriers. Third, thermal conductivity can be reduced by adding a number of interfaces and phonon scattering centers in nanowire, nanotube, superlattice, alloy, and composite, etc. So far, most of researches were concentrated on increasing μ/κ. In this talk, I will discuss on the preparation and thermoelectric properties of layered semiconductors such as Bi2Te3, Sb2Te3, SnSe, AgBiTe2, and SnSe2, etc.

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