제목 [04/12] [colloquium] Emergence of network science and its applications
작성자 물리학과홈피 등록일 2016-04-04 오후 1:46:34 조회수 240
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날 짜 : 2016년 4월 12일 화요일
시 간 : PM 4:30
장 소 : R404
연 사 :  강병남 교수님(서울대학교)
제목:  Emergence of network science and its applications

  With the advent of information era, interest of complex systems has been boosted. A complex system consists of many components that are strongly interrelated, self-organized and adaptive themselves to changing environment. Unconventional phenomena observed in complex systems redeem existing theoretical framework based on the reductionism and demand a new theoretical approach. Network approach had been introduced under this background. Nodes represent components and links are connected between nodes when they are interrelated. The network science has been successful in explaining and unifying diverse emerging phenomena in natural, social, and information systems during the past one and half decade. In my talk, I will introduce the development of network science researches and recent works on hybrid percolation transitions.  

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