제목 [05/24] [colloquium] Nanocarbons for Ultrafast Nonlinear Photonics
작성자 물리학과홈피 등록일 2016-05-17 오후 6:09:20 조회수 202
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날 짜 : 2016년 5월 24일 화요일
시 간 : PM 4:30
장 소 : R404
연 사 :  이상민 교수님(아주대학교)
제목:  Nanocarbons for Ultrafast Nonlinear Photonics

  Low-dimensional nanocarbons such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene exhibiting unique electronic and optical properties have been widely investigated for diverse applications. In addition to a variety of applications for electronic and optoelectronic devices, CNTs have been successfully used as saturable absorbers for mode-locking ultrafast solid-state lasers operating in different spectral ranges. Graphene was also suggested as a novel efficient laser mode-locker. Compared to CNTs where the operation wavelength depends mostly on the diameter and chirality of nanotubes defining the bandgap, graphene exhibits the great advantage of ultrafast saturable absorption over an ultrabroad spectral region without bandgap engineering due to its unique point-bandgap structure. Furthermore, graphene possesses interesting nonlinear optical characteristics in the terahertz (THz) region. Nonlinear transmission behavior can be controlled by random stacking of monolayer graphene and substantially enhanced with increasing number of graphene layers. It is also possible to fabricate different hybrid nanostructures based on graphene, exhibiting enhanced nonlinearities. In this talk, recent progress in graphene-based saturable absorbers and also interesting results on nonlinear THz spectroscopy in graphene and graphene-based materials will be presented.  

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