제목 [05/31] [colloquium] 비평형계의 요동의 열역학: 단일 입자 엔진의 구현
작성자 물리학과홈피 등록일 2016-05-17 오후 6:11:52 조회수 213
추천 0 비추천 0
날 짜 : 2016년 5월 31일 화요일
시 간 : PM 4:30
장 소 : R404
연 사 :  박혁규 교수님(UNIST)
제목:  비평형계의 요동의 열역학: 단일 입자 엔진의 구현

  Work fluctuations for a colloidal particle in a time-varying optical trap in analogy with gas in expansion and compression

The fluctuation theorem provides a rigorous statistical rule for thermally fluctuating quantities such as work, heat, and entropy production in nonequilibrium thermodynamic processes. However, testing the theorem needs small systems where the fluctuations are more observable. Therefore, there are great difficulties in the experimental measurements. In this work, we investigate the motion of a colloidal particle trapped in a harmonic potential with time-varying stiffness. Here, we estimate the work done on the particle during compression and expansion by measuring its particle position in the first time. The resultant probability distributions of the work in both processes satisfy very well the Jarzynski equality and the Crooks fluctuation theorem. Because this isothermal expansion and compression process in a soft wall qualitatively mimics that in a rigid wall, it offers valuable tool for extracting work from micro-mechanical heat engines.  

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