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작성자 심리학과 등록일 2018-05-09 오후 5:51:00 조회수 166
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제목: An Introduction to Quantitative Psychology and Recent Research in the Quantitative Methods Lab at McGill Psychology 강연자: Heungsun Hwang (Professor, Department of Psychology, McGill University) 초록: Quantitative Psychology seeks to develop and use quantitative and computational modeling approaches to gain insight into behavioural, biological and psychological processes. Despite its narrowly defined name, this field thus encompasses research across a wide range of disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, management, health sciences, computer science, and decision making. Quantitative Psychology has become ever more central as Psychology has matured as a science. All areas of Psychology are experiencing a rapid growth in mathematical modeling and an ever-greater reliance on advanced statistical methods. In this talk, I will discuss what Quantitative Psychologists generally study and how they are trained, and present a few research projects conducted in my laboratory, named the Quantitative Methods Lab, at McGill Psychology. These projects include the development of a novel approach to structural equation modeling and its application for studying complex gene-brain-behaviour relationships, as well as the development of a statistical tool for integrating large data from multiple sources (e.g., neuroimaging data across multiple subjects). 날짜: 2018년 5월 18일 시간: 16:30-18:00 장소: 다산관 301호 별첨에 포스터 포함하였으니 확인하여주시기 바랍니다.
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