Richard Bonfiglio 


J Hall 814  rpbonfig@sogang.ac.kr




   Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture





   Ph.D.  University of Chicago

   M.A.    University of Chicago

   B.A.     University of Michigan








   Pro-Seminar: 19th-Century British Literature

   Theory of the Novel

   Victorian Masculinities

   Victorian Women Writers




   Gender Trouble in Victorian Literature

   The Brontë Sisters

   The Victorian Novel in the Age of Reform

   The Victorian Bildungsroman

   The Marriage Plot

   Decadence, Aestheticism, and Empire

   Pre-Raphaelite Painting and Poetry

   Travel Literature and the Grand Tour

   Introduction to English Literature

   Writing about Literature

   American Culture in Global Context 


  •      RESEARCH




       Travel and Transnational Literature

       Gender and Sexuality

       Aesthetics and Visual Culture

       History and Theory of the Novel

       The Italian Risorgimento




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       Modern Language Association

       North American Victorian Studies Association

       Northeast Victorian Studies Association

       Dickens Society

       Victorian Popular Fiction Association

       English Language and Literature Association of Korea


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