노재호(Roe, jaeho) 

J Hall 818  jhroe@sogang.ac.kr

1989 University of California at Berkeley (BA)
1994 New York University (MA)
1998 New York University (PhD)

1998-2000 조교수, Department of English, SUNY/Westchester Community College
2000-현재 부교수, 서강대학교 미국문화전공
한국아메리카학회, 한국현대영미소설학회, 한국영미문학교육학회, 한국영미문화학회, Popular Culture Association

The Gun Fetishism of the Western and the Anxieties of American Men, 현대영미소설, 한국현대영미소설학회, 2009
Owen Wister's "Homicidal Children" and the Johnson County War, 영미문화, 한국영미문화학회, 2007
Narcissim and "Manners" in Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho,현대영미소설, 한국현대영미소설학회, 2007
Pride and Prejudice: The White Working Class Tradition of American Country Music, 미국학논집, 한국아메리카학회, 2006
The Trauma of 9/11 and the Healing of the “Bodyself” in William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition, 현대영미소설, 한국현대영미소설학회, 2006
Becoming Other than Ourselves: Difference and Hybridity in Species and the Xenogenesis Trilogy, 현대영미소설, 한국현대영미소설학회, 2004
Anarchy in the Supermarket: Rock and Roll and the Commodification of Rebellion, 미국학논집, 한국아메리카학회, 2004
Revising the Sign of“America”: The Postcolonial Humanism of America Is in the Heart, 영어영문학, 한국영어영문학회, 2003
New Voices in Other Contexts: A Pedagogical Model, 영미문학교육, 한국영미문학교육학회, 2002
“Louder than a Bomb”: The Cultural Politics of Hardcore Rap in the U.S. and Korea, 미국학논집, 한국아메리카학회, 2001
“Marking the Land”: China Men as a Mythic Counterhistory, 영어영문학, 한국영어영문학회, 2001
Keeping an “Old Wound” Alive: The Marrow of Tradition and the Legacy of Wilmington, African American Review, 1999

저서: 『노튼 포스트모던 미국소설』 도서출판 글월마로니, 2003
역서: 『아시아계 미국문학의 길잡이』 한국문화사, 2003
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