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2017년 6월 19일 해외 석학 초청 특강
Anselm Min 교수 강의
장소: J610
시간: 4:00
관심있는 많은 분들의 참여 바랍니다.

Anselm Min is a professor of religion in Claremont Graduate University’s Religion Department. His research interests lie in the reconstruction of theology and its needs for liberation, ecology, respect for religious and cultural differences, and resistance to cultural nihilism; recent trends in continental philosophy (shifts to religion, postmodernism, new phenomenology), and sociology (social and cultural analysis of trends) as relevant to theological reconstruction.

With a PhD in religion (Vanderbilt University) and a PhD in philosophy (Fordham University), Min is uniquely qualified to teach a wide variety of philosophy of religion courses. Min’s current courses at CGU include Theology of Globalization, Liberation Theology, Religious Pluralism, Comparative Theology, Contemporary Systematic Theology, Postmodern Philosophy and Theology. Throughout his career, Min has earned many honors and awards, including awards from The National Endowment for the Humanities, the Fletcher Jones Research Grant, and a five-year tenure of an endowed position as the John D. and Lilian Maguire Distinguished Professor of Religion (2010–2015).

Min’s recent publication is an edited book titled Korean Religions in Relation: Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity, Essays in Honor of Professor Kang Wi Jo (State University of New York, 2016). Currently, he is working on two books: To Be or Not to Be: A Dialogue between Aquinas and Contemporary Thought, and Human Destiny and Human Solidarity: Christian Theology in the Age of Globalization.

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