정소영 (Chung, Soh-Young) 

J Hall 826 florasyc@gmail.com
Contemporary poetry, Cultural Studies, Sociology
이화여자대학교, BA (1989)
University of Sheffield, MA (1989)
서강대학교, PhD (1999)
Institute of Education, University of London, MA (2002), PhD (2009)
문학과 영상학회

- 「한국영화의 초국가적 수용: 영화리뷰를 중심으로」 <비교문화연구> 제 26집, 2012.

- “The Modality of the Textual Institutionalisation of Literary Studies: Towards a Sociology.”

    Sociological Research Online 16.3, 2011.

- “Talk About a Crisis! A Sociological Analysis of the 'Crisis Discourse in Literary Studies.” The

    International Journal of the Humanities 8.3, 2010.

- “An Impasse in Adaptation Studies: Persistence of and Resistance to Fidelity.” 문학과 영상 11.2,


- “Knowers Ark or Ship of Fools?. Sociology as Method: Departures from the Forensics of Culture,

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